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kamal model school

kamal model school

Welcome to Kamal Model School

Kamal Model Sr. Sec. School established with high academic standards, a college-preparatory programme, exciting extra-curricular activities and a rich Indian heritage, is rooted in an exceptional Indian environment. It is truly premier institution in its staff, its students, its curriculum, its accreditation, Together they make Kamal Model Sr. Sec. School a very special place.

The Kamal Model School is about the freedom to experiment, to think differently, to be an individual. We are all proud of our school and hope that you will come to share that feeling with us. Through this brochure, we have tried to set out a view of life at The Kamal Model School, the activities and opportunities that are available to the children.

The prime aim of our school is give to each child the opportunity to develop their own potential, by laying of foundations of a balanced education. We teach children to appreciate the needs of others and understand that both inside and outside the school, we have responsibilities as well as rights. In other words, any child who is admitted here will be transformed not just in thoughts but in deeds as well.

16-May-2016 Holidays Homework for summer vacation has been updated on the website. Students may download it from ACADEMIC section......
22-May-2015 All the Students are informed that download their "Summer Holidays Homework" from school website, given under ACADEMIC section
07-Dec-2014 Sports Day held on 21st Dec., 2014
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Out Toppers
Moving forward with our abiding commitment of doing full justice with the just cause of providing quality education to our lovely students.

Our Facilitators
Our students are our passion. They are the ones for whom we painstakingly work day in day out for the one solitary cause.

Kamal Model Sr. Sec. school provides education to serve the nation better in all discipline, good at conduct & excellent in communication.

We need high achieving and skilled professionals who are dedicated, flexible and team-orientated to teach in our schools,

School has an on-line performance reporting system for each student, through internet, enabling the parents of knowing the progress of their child sitting at home.